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An interdisciplinary study of the ecology, evolution and energetics of red squirrels

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Dantzer, B., A. E. M. Newman, R. Boonstra, R. Palme, S. Boutin, M. M. Humphries, and A. G. McAdam. in press. Density triggers maternal hormones that increase adaptive offspring growth in a wild mammal. Science. [article]

Fletcher, Q. E., Colin Selman, Stan Boutin, Andrew G. McAdam, Sarah B. Woods, Arnold Y. Seo, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh,  Rachel Sinclair, John R. Speakman, and Murray M. Humphries.  2013. Oxidative damage increases with reproductive energy expenditure and is reduced by food-supplementation. Evolution 67: 1527-1536. [article]

Fletcher, Q. E., Speakman, J. R., Boutin, S., McAdam, A. G., Woods, S. B. and Humphries, M. M. 2012. Seasonal stage differences overwhelm environmental and individual factors as determinants of energy expenditure in free-ranging red squirrels. Functional Ecology, 26: 677–687. [article]